Bryan Squad Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Condition carefully before using the website operated by Brainwave LLC, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


To ensure an optimal Bryansquad experience, we have established these guidelines for a mutually beneficial employment arrangement. If for some reason you are philosophically opposed, please discuss your concerns with one of the BryanSquad officers before you sign.

Your BryanSquad account is non-transferrable. You cannot sell, transfer ownership, or lend your account to another; nor can you give away free tasks without consulting a BryanSquad officer.

All Bryansquad plans are charged on a task, project or job basis. Our work is neither measured nor charged in units of time.

Client Payment Directive:

Note: Any agreement or attempted agreement between client and Assistant requiring that payment be made outside of Bryansquad shall constitute a material breach of this agreement and be subject to cancellation of your account without refund.

However, we do understand that said client may deem you to be the best match for their business needs, and as such, at your client’s discretion, he or she may elect to pay a $200 non-refundable Release Fee to BryanSquad after three months of continuous work with you, so that you may make your own arrangements thereafter. You are welcome to remain with BryanSquad and accept other posts according to BryanSquad Terms and Conditions listed in this agreement, as long as your private job does not overlap, interfere, or pose a conflict of interest.


All intellectual property belonging to BryanSquad may not be borrowed or reproduced. All rights are reserved.

If a client requests a task that is beyond a normal and reasonable limit, then it must be charged as a project.

If a client requests a task or project that is objectionable or haram, simply explain to the prospective client that the task is inconsistent with our company philosophy. Do not allow the client to argue or engage you in a debate. Decline politely and thank them for the call.

It is imperative that you keep your tasks well within the professional limits of the business. Your speech and demeanor must be dignified at all times. That does not mean you have to be serious. It's okay to be friendly and amusing.

If your client is attractive, do not comment on this. Do not ask him or her if he/she is married, or available. Keep it professional. However, as you get to know your client better and there is an element of trust between you, then you can relax a little, as long as you don’t cross the limit.

Breach of Agreement:

In the event the Assistant fails to perform any duty required to be performed under his/her terms of service, and Assistant does not self-correct within 30 days of verbal warning, his/her employment status will be re-evaluated.